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Yesterday was not the most productive day for me. With two stories to finish up, I fully intended to spend the day slaving away over the keyboard. What I actually did was take a short jog, make a couple of phone calls, typed a couple of paragraphs and then took to the couch for a nap and several movies. I didn’t actually complete anything, and I woke up today with a renewed determination to be productive.
First on my list was a jog down to the VOICE office. I had some items to donate that I acquired from my excursions downtown last week—specifically a lot of name badge lanyards and sample bottles of hotel shampoo and lotion. Not intending to stay long, I didn’t take a change of clothes, and made the journey in my very unattractive, very baggy jogging clothes.
Of course this turned out to be the day they actually needed help in the office. I did a little computer work, then was informed that an activism in media class from the local college would be arriving shortly for a short lecture from us. Would I like to speak to them? Uh, no. I pointed out that my appearance was not really appropriate for addressing a crowd, and they pointed out that it was the homeless paper, and there really was no dress standard. But still. As much as I hate to admit it, I did not want the students to think I was homeless.
I answered a few questions informally, from a seated position so they couldn’t see the full extent of my horrible attire, or I directed questions back to the board of VOICE vendors who was speaking. I left as soon as the lecture was over, and started working my way home, determined to actually do my laundry when I got home.

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