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I’ve never been an umbrella person. In fact, before moving to Denver I don’t remember ever using an umbrella. I’ve always had a car, and only worried about dashing through the rain from home to the car, then to wherever I was going. A few weeks ago I was caught walking home in a torrential downpour, with balls of hail pelting me so hard I was sure I’d have welts. I’ve owned a few umbrellas throughout my lifetime, and although I never used them I tended to stick with the basic black number.
When I first saw this umbrella it called to me inexplicably. It was big, with a three inch wooden tip and sturdy, curved wooden handle. I could fit nearly three of me side-by-side underneath it, and it was purple. Actually when it was fully extended, the center of it was the pattern of a sunflower, with the surrounding leaves varying shades of purple. Definitely noticeable in a crowd, not subtle at all. And for some reason I had to have it. I brought it home and stood it in the corner, waiting for the next rainy day.
Today was it. The weather forecast called for rain over the next several days, so I was prepared for the spring storm. It didn’t rain this morning when I walked to work, so I marched down the street with my big umbrella, swinging it much like a baton twirler in a marching band. I was excited to see the first drops fall just as I was getting off the train to come home, and eagerly popped up my beautiful umbrella and marched up the 16th Street mall proudly, passing all the other with their bland umbrellas in shades of black, gray or blue. My umbrella was large enough to keep not only my head dry, but also my backpack, and I was proud of myself for making such a bold statement, even as I knew others were checking me out as I walked by.
Now that I’ve painted a lovely picture of me strutting through town in high fashion, I must mention that the rest of my attire was not so grand. Although I prepared for rain this morning, I did not prepare for the near-freezing temperatures. Yesterday was 80 degrees, and when I dressed for work this morning my apartment was cozy warm, and the rain was not yet falling, so I dressed in my skinny jeans, hooded sweatshirt, and flip-flops. I keep a pair of tennis shoes at the office, which are much too big for me, but comfortable, and I planned to change once I got there.
By mid-afternoon I was freezing, and went to the back room in search of anything warm. I found a bright red vest, which I wore under hoodie, and topped them both with my lightweight lime green rain jacket. I dug a pair of red and black striped fingerless writing gloves out of the bottom of my backpack, where I keep them in case of frigid emergencies such as this. My feet looked way too big for my body at the bottom of my skinny jeans, and my re-usable bag full of groceries was bright red.
So although I strutted the mall feeling like a fashion model, in reality, underneath my wonderful umbrella, I’m sure I looked like a horrible train-wreck of clashing clothing.
But the umbrella is awesome!

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