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Date number three in my quest for meeting men started well enough. Mr. B began by emailing me, then we had a phone conversation last week, and he earned points by not calling constantly, IM’ing me endlessly or texting me needlessly just to see how my day was. We finally agreed on a date tonight, and after giving him options of the restaurants/bars around me, he opted for Hamburger Mary’s. It’s the home of the drag queen show, and I was a little impressed that he didn’t seem to mind the stereotype of the place, so I donned my not over-the-top outfit of slacks, button down shirt and modest heels.
He was a fellow redhead, and although he was extremely nervous, we took a seat on the patio and ordered dinner. Mr. B had given me a few tips about online dating, having done it for a few years now. (apparently he nearly married a woman he met online, but called it off at the last minute.) He offered to bring a camera and take a few pictures of me for my profile, since I didn’t have any to post that were of just me. Obviously he wasn’t desperate, if he was willing to take photos for me to post. We fiddled with the camera and took a few photos of each other, and he spent a good amount of time telling me how hot of a body I had.
A few minutes after being seated, a table full of women next to us, obviously having a girl’s night out, got pretty loud, so we moved to a table on the other side of the patio. We chatted easily about religion, politics and why we weren’t married at our age, and I found him pretty easy-going. Then, the ladies we had moved away from, worked their way over to the table next to us, apparently to smoke away from the mainstream crowd. I smiled and joked as they continued their loud antics, and mentioned that he would have to be the one to flirt with the waiter to ask to be moved yet again to another table.
I thought things were going well, when all of a sudden, Mr. B stood up from the table, threw his napkin at the offending ladies in a rage, and announced that we would be moving again. I was shocked into silence, as well as the ladies he threw the napkin at. They apologized and told him he should have said something, but he gave them an evil stare and walked away. I shrugged and looked at them to let them know I agreed with them, and they called him a few choice names, but added that I was “really cool.”
He didn’t bother to apologize for his behavior, but quickly paid our bill we left. We got to my front door, which was actually where he had parked his car. He mentioned the photos and I said that was unnecessary, and he proceeded to tell me that I was really hot and had a really hot body that I needed to be showing off. He wanted to come up to my apartment so we could download the photos to my profile, but I told him that was okay he could email them to me.
I’m pretty sure I know why he’s never been married…

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