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            I have to admit, that although my current dates have not been rewarding, there is something inspiring about knowing that men are checking me out. As much as I hate to admit it, I have had a little more strut in my walk, and find myself flipping my glorious hair a little more than usual. Maybe I’ve put a little more effort into my appearance on a daily basis, a swipe of mascara and lip gloss, less pony tails, hats and sunglasses for my morning commute.

            This morning brought with it sunshine and warm weather, the perfect opportunity to wear a form-fitting, casual, button down shirt I’ve been anxious to wear. It really does look good on me, even with my backpack strapped to my back. My thoughts were confirmed as I walked down 17th to the light rail station. The first man I came across could have been a crackhead, or just a homeless man, but he was standing on the corner two blocks away, waiting to cross the street. He started across as I approached, then turned to look at me. He smiled and said enthusiastically “Good Morning!” and stopped to watch me pass.

            Ha! My strut got a little more noticeable. As I passed the University Club, several men dressed in business suits passed, and I noticed a couple of them shyly check me out and give me a little smile. Others gave me big smiles and wished me a good day. Wow, it was official—I had the kevorka. This continued all the way to the train station, and I was feeling pretty darn good about myself when I boarded the train and headed to the front for my usual seat.

            It was only when I looked down to unhook my backpack that I realized exactly why I was receiving so much attention. Apparently the buttons on my new shirt were not so secure, and the top one had come undone. The strap on my backpack had pulled tight against my chest, and that, combined with the missing button, had proudly put a good portion of the twins on display. Although it was not an obscene amount of my chest that was showing, apparently men have a natural instinct to know when even the tiniest bit of breast is showing.

            Needless to say, after my righting my wardrobe malfunction, the second half of my morning commute was not nearly as attention-getting as the first…

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  1. Hahahahaha!

    Comment by efrum | May 17, 2012 | Reply

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