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Having picked up an extra day at the donation center, effectively making it a full-time position, along with some new freelance gigs, I’ve had little time for frivolity, napping and or general laziness. With the added incentive of hormones, bloating and a severe need for chocolate and greasy food, I decided to remedy my situation today by attending an early matinee showing of “Magic Mike” at my new movie theater. For less than the price of a movie ticket downtown, this theater offers not only entrance to the newest movie, but a self-serve, all-you-can-eat popcorn and soda bar.
I donned my ratty denim shorts, thread-bare York Peppermint Patty T-shirt, skipped the mascara, slapped on some Chapstick and filled my purse with a good book and a box of chocolate-covered peanuts. Of course they have some nutritional value, since technically they’re a bunch of peanuts covered with a little chocolate, as opposed to a bunch of chocolate with a few peanuts thrown in. Anyway, guilt-free and with no time frame, I jumped on the train and headed for the theater.
The movie was hilarious, and as much as Matthew McConaughey has never been a serious actor, in this movie he actually had some character and fierceness in his eyes. It was an all female audience, and the laughs flowed freely, as well as the ooh’s and aaah’s at MM’s attempt at a striptease. When the movie ended I headed back to the light rail station, where the wait was longer than usual since the train was running on a Sunday schedule. I indulged in my book as I took the long ride home, where I promptly plopped down on the futon in front of the air conditioner and commenced napping.

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