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Today was one of those rare days that just keeps getting better and better. I woke up happy and giddy with the excitement of new love, and merrily made my way out to Highlands Ranch, territory I’d never ventured into on the bus before. I was on an important mission—I was headed to tell Blockbuster Video how to save their stores.
Technically I was going to be part of a market research study, but I saw it as the golden opportunity to air all my grievances about their recent changes, and share my rants with somebody who would not only listen, but actually cared. The one hour survey paid $50 in cash, which was a sweet deal just for giving my opinion. But when I called to R.S.V.P., the young woman said they also needed a “floater,” which paid $150.
I couldn’t believe my luck. As a floater, my job was to sit in the kid section of the Blockbuster store watching t.v., or reading my book, for three hours. In the event one of their scheduled interviews didn’t show up, I would them be called upon to take their spot. I was only there an hour when someone canceled, so I stepped up, gave the man my opinion, collected my $150 cash and was out the door exactly 1.5 hours after I arrived. Excellent!
The 403 back into the city only came along every hour, so I had time for a little exploring. Unfortunately, the particular block I was in didn’t have a lot of stores, so I wandered toward my bus stop with the intention of reading. I saw a Taco Bell in the distance, and although I was hungry I couldn’t bring myself to get food there, since that’s the only establishment near my office, so I eat way too much Taco Bell. I made my way across the parking lot and down the landscaped hill, and when I looked back up at the Taco Bell my day got even better.
Attached to the Taco Bell, in one of they hybrid, nobody knows why they would put two particular food joints together establishment, was a Long John Silver’s. I have always been a lover of the fried fish and french fries, but the last time I went in search of a Long John Silver’s was nearly 10 years ago, which ended with angry, confused and cold family members standing in front of a recently closed restaurant—disappointed and yelling at each other. I hadn’t had greasy, fast-food fish since I left Utah, and now here it was right before.
I left 30 minutes later five pounds heavier from all the grease sitting in my stomach, and took a pleasant ride back to the city, where I stopped on the mall to watch the traveling street hippy band while I enjoyed an ice cream cone marveled at how wonderful my day, and my life, was.

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