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            I am officially finished with Facebook. Completely. Well, except for the once a week I’ll post my blog address so my friends can see what I’m up to. Other than that, its been fun, and its been real, but I can’t say it’s been real fun. I reluctantly joined FB at the prompting of Jessica several years ago, and initially joined under a fake name so I could use it to stalk people for news stories.

            Then of course I got accustomed to being able to see photos of friends and family, and following their escapades. I got used to posting photos and albums for others to see, as well as using the site to store my pictures. I suffered through every ridiculous change FB made, moving things around and changing the language, all in an effort to convince us they were giving us something new and improved.

            I suffered through the same thing as public television was being taken away, all in the spirit of “making our lives easier,” and we all know how well that worked out for me. So I guess it’s time for an official electronic sabbatical. So all my friends and family please email or post your email address to my blog, and someone please notify me if FB makes another big, new, breaking change…perhaps getting rid of timeline.

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