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            It’s official. I’m happy. And its also official, I’m fat. Okay, not really fat, but according to the chart on the wall of my Dr.’s office, the 10 or so pounds I’ve gained since I quit smoking now puts me one pound into the “overweight” category. Obviously my doctor was more excited about me quitting smoking than he was concerned about my weight gain, and with good reason, but the time has come to take action. I still don’t understand the connection between not smoking and gaining weight. (I know, everyone says its because we snack more, but really, I haven’t snacked more, and I spent the summer riding my bicycle everywhere. How I could pack on 10 or so pounds is beyond me.) They also say happy people gain weight. So between not smoking and being in love, I’m trying to gracefully accept my new curves.  

            Eager to get started reforming my eating habits, I checked out diets online, and while searching ran across a website for Jillian Michaels, the trainer from the Biggest Loser. It offered free advice, so I entered my information and eagerly awaited my response. I was disappointed. She, (obviously not her personally) basically said “you’re fat, eat 900 calories a day and exercise like a fiend. Absolutely no help. So I decided to look for books on diets at the library. That was even more confusing. Eat fat, no carbs, eat carbs, no fat, eat meat, or don’t eat meat.

            After much research I came up with the most basic of plans. I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables, absolutely no junk food or alcohol, and increase my daily exercise from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I’ve started paying attention to the little things, like eating only the egg white instead of the whole egg. Skipping the mayonnaise, which adds 150 calories to my sandwich, and I’m trying, really really trying to switch from Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing (again, 150-200 calories) to some kind of vinaigrette.

            This is all new to me, since I’ve not really had to worry about what I eat for the past 13 years. At least as far as weight gain. I keep telling myself that not smoking and being healthy are more important than my vanity, but its hard to keep up that mantra when I’m jogging and everything is jiggling.

            Wish me luck.

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