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New Year’s Un-resolutions




I’m beginning this year full of excitement for what it will bring. I enjoyed a wonderful visit with Jess and her boyfriend for Christmas and New Year’s, which included Santa, shopping and a 1920’s Speakeasy experience. (kind of, the party was lame, but we had fun because we were all together.)


The tree has been taken down, decorations put away, and my apartment once again looks like just another little apartment in the city. 2012 brought a lot of surprises for me, including falling in love and quitting smoking, so I don’t have my usual worries of dying a lonely woman from a stroke or lung cancer. I’m still working on the ten or so pounds I’ve gained since I quit smoking, but I’m getting very tired of fighting the battle of the bulge/sag. So I’m not putting lose weight on my list of resolutions. At least not yet.


In fact, instead of thinking of things I should/want to do for the new year, I’ve come up with a list of things that I DON’T want to do this year. And here, in no particular order, are my new year’s un-resolutions.


  1. Stop watching any kind of mainstream t.v. (Thus, stopping the increase in my heart rate and anger by all the ridiculous crap that has become entertainment.)
  2. Stop using any kind of fake sugar in my coffee. (I think it’s bad for my stomach.)
  3. Stop jogging down Colfax. (I don’t get any speed up because I keep getting stopped and asked for money.)
  4. Stop reading the newspaper. (For obvious reasons)
  5. Stop letting the guy who drools at the grocery store hug me. (Just yucky)
  6. Stop shopping at Safeway. (Cause for a potential aneurism)
  7. Stop obsessively tracking when my furnace comes on. (It’s either too cold or too hot. But tracking and reporting to the landlord hasn’t helped, so I’m going to pull out the fan and space heater and deal with it, since they’ve stopped charging us for utilities.)
  8. Stop googling the Kardashians. (I know I have a problem, but the first step is admitting it.)



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