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Singin’ in the Rain


          I officially declared the end of bad weather today, with a little encouragement from the internet weather report. Tired of the cold and packing my backpack around full of gloves, hats and jackets, I took a leap of faith and ditched the backpack. Karma gave me a delightful new Coach messenger bag, which I was dying to try out and show off. With the morning sun shining through my window, I optimistically loaded my new bag, donned my lightweight Columbia jacket, and headed out the door.

          It was indeed a beautiful day. The sun shone, the temperatures were near 70, and my new bag performed well, and looked awesome. Until about 4 p.m. With two hours left at the office, the biggest, blackest clouds I have ever seen starting coming over the horizon. I searched the office for an umbrella, but remembered we had sent all of them on to the store. The temperature was still pretty warm, and no drops of rain had fallen by the time I left at six. The dark cloud remained at bay as I took the 65 to the Orchard station, and I decided to take the two mile walk home.

          As soon as I cross the skybridge over the freeway and began walking through the Technical Center, an ominous feeling surrounded me. The air changed, and suddenly all the birds were silent. Behind me the entire sky was black, yet to my left, and in front of me, the sun was shining. I knew I had about 35 minutes of walking, and thought it would be pretty close before the black cloud opened up and drenched me. I walked faster, the imagined sense of doom forcing my legs to move quickly. Planning ahead for the important issue, I was deep in thought about how I could protect my new bag from the rain when it hit.

          Suddenly the sky lit up with lighting, followed directly by a loud clap of thunder that made my teeth rattle. I jumped and yelped, and picked up my pace. I rationalized that there were plenty of buildings and trees that were much taller than I, that surely would attract the lightning first. I imagined myself as small as I could be, and continued on. I was not quite halfway home when I felt the first drops of rain. I quickly unzipped my jacket, pulled my bag tight against my body, and zipped my jacket back up. With my bag protected, I began to enjoy the rain falling on my head. I’d read somewhere that rain water is good for your hair, and since it wasn’t cold I decided I had no reason to care.

          The initial drizzle wet the ground enough that I could smell the wet dirt, and the grass seemed greener immediately. The scent of pine as I passed the trees was strong, and the smell made me think of Spirit Lake, my favorite place on the planet. I thought of the upcoming family reunion there, and seeing everyone, and of my future, and my daughter and my growing grandchild. I inhaled deeper and felt my heart swell even more. I couldn’t help but smile, and as Eddie Rabbit played in my headphone, I was suddenly strutting and loving the rain. Each drop seemed to wash away all my cares, and I felt lighter as I walked.

          I soon found myself singing out loud to “I Love a Rainy Night,” and maybe I danced a little bit through the stretch of path that is hidden from the road. The stretch is littered with bunnies scurrying all over, and I danced and sang to them as I passed. I would love to know what they were thinking of the singing lady in the rain.

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