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Happy New Year

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the gym I go…

Well, I did it. I joined the however many other millions of Americans who decided to get healthy by committing to a gym this year. I do feel a bit superior to them because Robert and I actually joined Youfit gym about a month ago, in hopes of staving off the devastating effects of holiday feeding. Technically, I’m a veteran gym goer by about 30 days.

So it was from atop my high treadmill that I looked down over the crowd to check out all the newcomers. The class room, which to date had been void of any activity, was now full of more than 20 women, and one man, dancing, stepping and skipping their way through what looked like a hip-hop exercise class. Many of the ladies had ample assets that they threw around, and their brightly colored Spandex pants accentuated their movements. I made several mental cracks to myself about the goings-on in that classroom. None of my thoughts were nice, and many were down-right mean if they had been said out loud. I don’t know why we, as humans, feel the need to crack jokes at the expense of others, but there was plenty of fodder to feed my petty soul as I watched them bouncing around.

We took our turns at the weight-lifting machines, Robert and I alternating as we grunted and worked our way through the routine. Between my reps I checked out the hard-core gym-goers who hang out in the free-weight area. These are the buff, pretty people, who make Spandex look like its on the store model. The buff guy with the big guns did pull-ups, the tattooed lady lunged across the floor with what looked to be a ton of weights on her back. The two young men alternated adding more weight to their leg presses.

But I kept being drawn to the room of dancing people. Many were uncoordinated and had a hard time keeping in step with the enthusiastic instructor, but the fellow seemed to be getting better, and some of the women I assumed wouldn’t last 10 minutes were still hanging in there. “Must be a 30 minute class,” I thought. “I could do that for 30 minutes,” I thought.

After the weights we took to some light aerobic exercise, and another 30 minutes later they were still hip-hopping in that room. I couldn’t believe it. All my horrible thoughts about “those” people not being able to stick it out, and they were kicking my judgmental ass. I had done moderate exercise the entire time, and they had all been going full throttle for more than an hour! I used my new workout towel that Becky gave me for Christmas to wipe the egg off my face.

New New Year’s Resolution: Don’t be so damn judgmental.


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  1. Tab’s Congrats on a take charge agenda for 2016. It is obvious from your journalistic out-put, that the reporter analytical mind is still completely functional and at a high capacity I might add.! I wish U and your family a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy 2016 !!! God Bless and thank you for admitting that you have flaws. If properly admitted to, we all have the same kinds of flaws. Let’s start a seven step program to support each other to eliminate flawed thoughts.
    God Bless As Always, George

    Comment by George M. Gutzmer | January 8, 2016 | Reply

    • George it’s always good to hear from you. My reporter analytical mind is still intact, even after a year-long sabbatical. Nothing like growing older to help us realize our own flaws. Watching my daughter grow, and now my granddaughter, I’ve had to reconsider some of my beliefs/thoughts/convictions. Turns out we do things sometimes just because our parents did them, or our grandparents did them. I guess our children are always teaching us something. I like the idea of a seven step program.

      Any ideas for step one?

      God bless you and Hannah.

      Comment by tabdeans | January 8, 2016 | Reply

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