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Arguing with a 3.5 year old

The conversation started several months ago. I don’t know how or why, but Petra was trying to pin me down about when I would die.

“You’ll die Grammy.” She sobbed.

“Oh honey, no I won’t.” I tried to console her.

“Yes you will. When? When will you die Grammy?”

“Okay, not until I”m 100 years old.” I thought that would make her feel better. I was wrong. She immediately used it against me.

“See, you will die!”

“Want a treat Petra?” Conversation ended. I have avoided her repeated attempts to resurrect the narrative, and was successful until last week. She had come for a sleepover and we were outside when she brought it up again.

“But Grammy, everybody dies.” She said matter of factly. I turned her attention to the pictures we had recently hung in the basement hallway. She loved to see pictures of her as a baby and I knew it would change the subject.

We looked at the pictures and she was adorable as she “oohed” and “Ooowwed” over them. We came upon one with my grandmother holding her, while Jessica watched on.

“Who’s that Grammy?” She asked, knowing full well she was the baby in the picture.

“Oh, that’s my grandma. You met her when you were just a tiny baby.”

“Awww.” She was touched. “Is she dead? She’s dead isn’t she?”

Doh! She had me. We finally had the discussion, and although Petra is still not happy to know that we are all going to die, she has decided to deal with it by rationalizing that only old people die.

“I’m too young to die…” is her new mantra.

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