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Wisdom of the Elders

I have long been apalled at the treatment of American senior citizens. While the development of senior housing is happening, there are still millions of senior citizens who are abandoned in care centers by their families and society, fleeced by a government system that demands annual, increasing property tax payments on the homes they spent their lives working to pay off.

Seniors are the people who created the world we live in. They’ve lived through wars, depressions, plagues (well a flu epidemic) and disasters. They envisioned and built the tall buildings we work in and created roads and bridges to enable millions of cars to be on the road everyday.

In short, without them we wouldn’t be here.

I’m leaving on a year-long trip across the states, and in my travels plan to speak with America’s Elders and ask them what they think about the world today. I’m interested to hear their advice on the woes of society, including political issues, hunger, homelesness and war. I’m hoping the interviews will include spirited stories about the seniors’ younger years, like drunken army pranks, torrid affairs, or near-death experiences.

This is where I’ll be sharing the wisdom I’ll get from the Elders as I work my way from Utah to Alabama, interviewing seniors from small towns to big cities. So if you know of any seniors between Utah and Alabama, who you think has some wisdom to share, let me know.






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